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Trump’s Corporate Rap Sheet

Trump’s decision to enter the race for the Republican presidential nomination has brought a great deal of new attention to his wide range of business activities and the controversies associated with many of them, involving issues such as alleged racial discrimination, tax abatements, union avoidance and environmental harm


Il TTIP può danneggiare la salute pubblica

Il trattato USA-UE sul commercio e gli investimenti getta molte ombre su temi rilevanti per la salute dei cittadini. Secondo Epidemiologia&Prevenzione a rischio ci sarebbero non solo la qualità dei cibi, ma anche l’accesso alle cure sanitarie dei cittadini, le politiche di contrasto ai cambiamenti climatici


Cities of refuge

The 1951 Geneva Convention on Political Asylum was a typical creation of the Cold War: the system cannot deal with the huge population flows now permanently characteristic of our world. It is not just about humanitarianism, philanthropy or solidarity. The face of the other who suffers lies behind the identity of each and every one […]


The critical state of the Union

Attracting international investors while repelling undesirable migrants: since the Great Recession of 2009, these two preoccupations have dominated the European agenda. Given the havoc wrought by austerity programs and the ongoing ordeal of asylum seekers, what possibilities does the near future hold, for the European Union and for the left’s ability to challenge its current […]