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Archivio | gennaio, 2017


Trump’s Crony Cabinet May Look Strong, but They Are Scared

A zoom into what is happening in Washington right now.  The key figures populating Donald Trump’s cabinet are not only ultra-rich—they are individuals who made their money knowingly causing harm to the most vulnerable people on this planet, and to the planet itself. It appears to be some sort of job requirement


Striking the Startups

This is not to say that the gig economy hasn’t innovated. These companies have created new ways to deny labor protections, increase profits, and attract investors. In Italy, striking food couriers showed “gig economy” capitalists they’re serious about their rights as workers


A proposal for restoring Italian economic growth

One of Italy’s main problems is the poor performance of its public administration. This contributes to Italy’s low international credibility and to the scant appeal that Italy has for foreign as well as domestic investors. A major organizational reform of the civil service cannot be delayed any longer


Lavorare meno, lavorare tutti

Negli ultimi decenni il mercato del lavoro italiano è stato al centro di numerosi interventi legislativi. Tuttavia la scelta di perseguire politiche di moderazione salariale attraverso interventi di riduzione del cuneo fiscale ha avuto un impatto minimo sulla ripresa dell’occupazione e sulla riduzione della disoccupazione. Non fa eccezione a questa tendenza di lungo periodo la […]