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Archivio | marzo, 2016


Cities of refuge

The 1951 Geneva Convention on Political Asylum was a typical creation of the Cold War: the system cannot deal with the huge population flows now permanently characteristic of our world. It is not just about humanitarianism, philanthropy or solidarity. The face of the other who suffers lies behind the identity of each and every one […]


Trump: the art of the Tax Deal

Donald Trump is famous for making high-profile deals using other people’s money. Sometimes those other people are not his business partners or lenders but rather the taxpayers. For a figure who is seen to epitomize unfettered entrepreneurship, he has been relentless in his pursuit of government financial assistance


La partita del referendum

La vittoria del SÌ al referendum del 17 aprile potrebbe dare una spallata ad un castello di bugie e mostrare che la strada verso la democrazia energetica, verso una promozione sostenibile dei talenti sani dei nostri territori (paesaggio, cultura, turismo, pesca e agricoltura sostenibili, eccellenze agro-alimentari) è segnata e che non si torna più indietro