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Autori Sezioni: Mariana Mazzucato


A New Global Economic Consensus

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the deficiencies of economic deregulation and market liberalization, a new policymaking paradigm is emerging. But its success depends on concrete reforms and the creation of new mission-driven institutions.


Capitalism after pandemic

For too long, people have acted as if the private sector were the primary driver of innovation and value creation and therefore were entitled to the resulting profits. But this is simply not true. The road to a more symbiotic partnership between public and private institutions begins with the recognition that value is created collectively. […]


Capitalism’s Triple Crisis

Dopo la crisi del 2008, abbiamo imparato fin troppo bene cosa succede quando i governi inondano incondizionatamente l’economia di liquidità invece di gettare le basi per una ripresa sostenibile e inclusiva. Ora che è in atto una crisi ancor più grave non si deve ripetere lo stesso errore. Da “Project Syndicate”.


Five Key Points for Italy’s Banking Woes

There is serious concern about Italy’s banks and whether the bad debt they are carrying signals trouble for the Eurozone. In facing up to its troubled financial system Italy’s political leaders could also benefit from a moment of reflection on what the role of finance could, and should, be in a dynamic economic system