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No confidence in the Fed

While Federal Reserve officials have sought to assure markets that the US banking system is sound in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, investors and depositors have no reason to believe them. Only meaningful reforms of deposit insurance, regulation, and governance can restore the Fed’s credibility. Da Project Syndicate.

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A coup attempt at the Imf

Kristalina Georgieva has been a bold leader in confronting the economic fallout of the pandemic, as well as in positioning the Fund as a global pioneer on climate change. The efforts now underway to remove her are not only unjust, but could hamstring the Fund’s management for years to come. Da Project Syndacate.


Plagued by Trumpism

For 40 years, Republicans have been insisting that “government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” But now that COVID-19, climate change, and other collective threats are bearing down, the bankruptcy of this nostrum has been laid bare. Da “Project Syndicate”.

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Déjà Voodoo

A Trump administration staffed by plutocrats – most of whom gained their wealth from rent-seeking activities, rather than from productive entrepreneurship – could be expected to reward themselves. But the Republicans’ proposed tax reform is a bigger gift to corporations and the ultra-rich than most had anticipated


Reform or Divorce in Europe

To say that the eurozone has not been performing well since the 2008 crisis is an understatement. Its member countries have done more poorly than the European Union countries outside the eurozone, and much more poorly than the United States, which was the epicenter of the crisis