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Corporate Consequences

Corporate America is frantically trying to distance itself from Trump and his confederates. The coming weeks will determine what the consequences should be for the large corporations that directly or indirectly aided Trump’s rise to power. Da Dirt Diggers Digest.


The 2020 Corporate Rap Sheet

Donald Trump has done little during his four years in office to stem the power of big business. But career officials at regulatory agencies and career prosecutors at the Justice Department, have continued doing their jobs: Purdue Pharma Lp, Goldman Sachs and other big corporations fined billions dollars. Da Dirt Diggers Digest.


In Pfizer we trust?

Pfizer, which was a pioneer in the once controversial practice of advertising pharmaceuticals, has frequently been accused of making false or misleading claims about its products.Moderna has not been around long enough to get into much trouble.We may have no choice but to depend on companies such as these to develop and produce the vaccines […]