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Nation’s first opioid trial begins..

Si è aperto il primo processo contro grandi case farmaceutiche per le responsabilità nella crisi degli oppioidi che ha colpito gli Usa, avviata dallo Stato dell’Oklahoma contro il colosso Johnson & Johnson. Politico

A trial that kicked off in Norman, Oklahoma, on Tuesday will provide an unprecedented examination of how the country spiraled into a devastating opioid epidemic — and could indicate to what degree drug companies accused of fueling the crisis will be held responsible in hundreds of other lawsuits still pending across the country.

Most of the litigation against opioid makers and distributors — involving states, cities, counties and tribes — is wrapped up in a single massive lawsuit overseen by a federal judge in Ohio. But the Oklahoma lawsuit against a single manufacturer of prescription painkillers is the first to reach trial and could establish a precedent for damages paid to communities ravaged by opioids.

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