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National peace demonstration in Rome on 5 November

Over 500 Italian civil society organisations working together in the Europe for Peace coalition announce a national peace demonstration in Rome on Saturday 5 November.

Ban on all nuclear weapons. Solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the victims of all wars. With these demands, over 500 Italian civil society organisations working together in the Europe for Peace coalition announce a national peace demonstration in Rome on Saturday 5 November, 12:00.

The shadow of nuclear war hangs over the world

The nuclear threat again dominates the world. It is the responsibility and duty of states and peoples to put a stop to this madness. Humanity and the planet cannot accept that disputes are resolved through armed conflict. Wars have global consequences: they are the main cause of world food crises, which are even more devastating in Africa and the East; they affect the cost of living, the poorest and most vulnerable social classes; they determine nefarious decisions for the climate and life on the planet. War is devouring everything and blocking hope for a more just and sustainable future for future generations.

This war must end NOW

We condemn the aggressor, we respect the Ukrainian resistance, we commit to help, support and stand by the Ukrainian people with all means, we stand by the victims. We stand with those who reject the logic of war and choose non-violence.

Russia’s unacceptable invasion of Ukraine has brought the war, which will become a global conflict between military blocs with dramatic consequences for the lives and futures of the Ukrainian and Russian people and for all of Europe, back to the centre of Europe. We are close to the affected population and stand in solidarity with the refugees who are forced to flee, to leave their homes and their work, who are victims of bombardment, violence, discrimination, rape and torture.

This war must end now. No more suffering! Italy, the EU Member States and the United Nations must take responsibility for negotiations to stop the escalation and achieve an immediate ceasefire. There is an urgent need to work towards a political solution to the conflict, using all the ways and means of diplomacy to enforce respect for international law and to bring the representatives of the governments in Kiev and Moscow to the negotiating table, together with all the actors necessary for a just peace. Together with Pope Francis, we say:

“Let us silence the weapons and seek the conditions for negotiations that can lead to solutions that are not imposed by force but are consensual, just and stable”.

Humanity and the planet must free themselves from war

We call on the Secretary General of the United Nations to urgently convene an international peace conference to restore respect for international law, ensure mutual security and commit all states to abolish nuclear weapons, reduce military spending in favour of investments to fight poverty and finance an economy without weapons, ecological change and decent work.

Common security must be guaranteed

Wars and weapons aim to defeat an enemy but do not lead to peace. They tend to become permanent and only cause new suffering for populations. Instead, peace must be won, violated justice restored and common security ensured. There is no just war, only peace is just. Armies wage war, peoples make peace.

Italy, the Constitution and civil society reject war. Together we demand that our institutions take up this peace agenda and work for its full affirmation in all European and international forums.


The UN must convene an international peace conference

Ban all nuclear weapons

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