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Calendar of upcoming engagements 

The mobilisation for a ceasefire, for negotiation, for a political and non-violent solution to the war in Ukraine continues in late April, May and June.

30 March – 3 April

Participation in the 5th Peace Caravan promoted by the #StopTheWarNow campaign. The caravan will leave from Padua and travel overland to Ukraine via the Hungarian border at Berehovo. Visits to Odessa, Mykolaiv and Cherson are planned. A total of 120 people are expected to participate. While, another group will reach Odessa by flight from Rome to Chisinau and then overland to Odessa. During the visits, humanitarian aid will be delivered and meetings will be held with local groups and associations, trade unions, and young people.

9 May

Europe Day, held every year on 9 May, celebrates peace and unity in Europe. We take this opportunity to come out with an appeal for peace in Ukraine and for an active role of Europe to build shared security, coexistence, relaunching the spirit of Helsinki 1975 and with the Proposed Agenda for City and Regional Councils “Europe of Peace and Free of Nuclear Weapons” for a Europe of peace and free of nuclear weapons, demanding that Italy ratify the Treaty of the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and commit itself to shared security and to a political and negotiated solution of the conflict in Ukraine. (agenda proposal attached)

20-21 May 

On the occasion of the March for Peace PerugiAssisi (21/5) we propose to realise in Perugia on Saturday 20/5 (h. 15:00 – 20:30) the Assembly of Europe for Peace inviting the different European partners and all the Italian realities that adhered to the platform of 5Nov22. The Assembly will be a moment of intense debate to reaffirm the reasons for the political solution of the armed conflict in Ukraine and the urgency of a negotiation that sees Italy and Europe at the centre of the political initiative.

The PerugiAssisi March will have young people as protagonists, and one of the central themes will be the call for negotiations.

10-11 June

International Conference for Peace in Ukraine. The conference will take place in Vienna, at the headquarters of the Austrian trade union OGB. Promoted by the International Peace Bureau (IPB) in cooperation with various networks including Europe for Peace. The conference will be structured around a dozen thematic working groups with the participation of European and international activists and experts. (