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Uaw reaches tentative labor agreement with Ford, potentially ending partial strike

The UAW reached a tentative contract agreement with Ford wednesday 25 October, after six week of strikes against Detroit’s Big Three automakers.The agreement includes a 25% general wage increase over the course of the four-year deal. Da Cbs News.

The United Auto Workers reached a tentative contract agreement with Ford Wednesday evening, a move that could be critical to ending the union’s six-week-old strikes against Detroit’s Big Three automakers. 

“Today we reached a tentative agreement with Ford,” UAW President Shawn Fain said in a video posted to social media, while Ford also confirmed the deal in its own statement. 

“We are pleased to have reached a tentative agreement on a new labor contract with the UAW covering our U.S. operations,” Ford CEO and President Jim Farley said. 

The deal still needs to be approved by Ford’s approximately 57,000 UAW workers.

“I applaud the UAW and Ford for coming together after a hard fought, good faith negotiation and reaching a historic tentative agreement tonight,” President Biden said in a statement. “This tentative agreement is a testament to the power of employers and employees coming together to work out their differences at the bargaining table in a manner that helps businesses succeed while helping workers secure pay and benefits they can raise a family on and retire with dignity and respect.”

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