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Italians demand end to Ukraine arms shipments in Rome peace march

Demonstration highlights resistance to Giorgia Meloni’s continued military support for Kyiv. Dal Financial Times.

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Tens of thousands of Italians marched through Rome on Saturday calling for a halt to arms shipments to Ukraine and a ceasefire, highlighting the resistance that Giorgia Meloni’s new government could face in providing further military support for Kyiv. Waving rainbow flags with the words “peace” and “non-violence”, members of labour unions and Catholic associations, scouts, students and a range of social activists demanded an end to fighting and a serious international diplomatic initiative to negotiate a solution to the conflict. “Ukrainians are dying, Russians are dying and there is no meaning for this,” said doctor Cynthia Masini, 56. “We send weapons while our sons and daughters are warm and comfortable in their beds and children there are dying. It’s not tolerable.” Citing Italy’s own history of violent conflict, marcher Spartaco Geppetti, 70, a member of an antifascism organisation, called for dialogue to resolve the issues between Russia and Ukraine. “We are against the war and only want peace,” he said. “This is not good for Europe, or the world. They must stop.” Other marchers waved placards with slogans such as “weapons down, wages up”, “enough arms to Ukraine” and “We don’t want war. No weapons, no sanctions. Where is diplomacy?”

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