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OpenAI used kenyan workers on less than $2 per hour to make ChatGPT less toxic

ChatGPT o meglio Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, il sistema di Intelligenza Artificiale in grado di creare contenuti, lanciato a novembre gratis dalla società californiana di Elon Musk OpenAI, è revisionato da centinaia di lavoratori digitali in Kenya e in India pagati meno di 2 dollari l’ora. Inchiesta di Time.

ChatGPT was hailed as one of 2022’s most impressive technological innovations upon its release last November. The powerful artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot can generate text on almost any topic or theme, from a Shakespearean sonnet reimagined in the style of Megan Thee Stallion, to complex mathematical theorems described in language a 5 year old can understand. Within a week, it had more than a million users.

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