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Investing in human security in Europe

Public investment has been skewed towards the military in the last decade when a much wider array of threats are in evidence. Da Social Europe.

The concept of security has been transformed over time, from a narrow focus on military aspects to a broader perspective encompassing various dimensions. Mary Kaldor pioneered the idea of ‘human security’, placing individuals and their needs at the core. This holistic approach takes in environmental, health and economic security as interconnected facets.

The multidimensional understanding of security gained global recognition from the United Nations in 2012 and it has been adopted by scholars of European Union foreign policy. Today, numerous states (including Spain and Germany) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organizationhave incorporated non-military threats, such as pandemics and climate change, into security and defence frameworks, in light of their interdependence and of the costs they incur and the victims they cause.

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